Iran Sports Center Store Website

Iran Sports Center Store Website

Project Details

  • Project Employer : IRAN SPORTS CENTER
  • Project Manager : AKAF SYSTEM GROUP
  • Project Year : 2016

Iran sports center which is active in the field of selling sports good has launched its own specialized website with smallest features related to comparison,discount and cart.

Web 24 team has been able to implement Iran sport website in the best way by using advanced technical knowledge.

Some of the specialized and professional facilities are as follows:

-Defining group and subgroup of product with possibility to define proprietary technical specifications

-Managing banner for each group of products individually

-Managing users in different levels

-Managing discounts

-Managing special suggestions

-Compare products in separate groups

-Ability to define the type of carry goods

-Ability to automatic calculate of registered carry cost based on initial amount

-Advanced managing cart

-Receive types of sales reports in admin

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