ِ Website for Doctors Home

ِ Website for Doctors Home

Project Details

  • Project Employer : Home doctors
  • Project Manager : AKAF SYSTEM GROUP
  • Project Year : 2016

Due to the expansion of online communications and presence of different jobs in the virtual arena and internet space,having a site in the field of medicine and health can be a good indication for doctor,resume and variety of services to be offered.In addition to informing the possibility of asking and answering and seeing the records of doctors treatment can be effective in eliminating confusions and patients trust in doctor.

In general,the goals of this website design can be checked from 3 viewpoints:

1-Promotion of health level and treatment in the country

2-Increasing of patient awareness of medical services

3-Ease of communication  between doctors and patients

The doctors home site is a reactive site that designed in accordance with google’s standards. Some of the features to be offered on this site include:

– Ability to view registered doctors’ pictures in the gallary

-Publication of inserted articles by doctors

-Possibility of insert comments by users on the articles

-Possibility of asking question by users and responsiveness by doctors and managing question and answer

-Publication of world news latest medical achievements

-Possibility the awareness of doctor’s presence day and hours, in fact this is an important advantage which doctors home site has converted to a 24-hours receptionist

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