LG envisions a future in which AI makes your life much easier

LG envisions a future in which AI makes your life much easier
Date:2019-01-08 | Time:10:01 |  Author: admin

Your car, washing machine and fridge will know all about you, and will adjust to your preferences, the company says.

As he began his talk about the future of artificial intelligence, the LG CLOi GuideBot, a white robot about four feet tall, rolled out to join him.

“You’ll find her friends at airports assisting travelers, but she’s here tonight to help me with my keynote,” Park said.

CLOi’s appearance set the stage for the rest of LG’s keynote, during which Park addressed how LG plans to use AI make our lives easier. He touched on LG’s current use of AI in its products like its OLED TVs, which use AI to automatically optimize display and sound settings for whatever you’re watching.

But Park mainly focused on LG’s vision for the next generation of AI and how it’ll change our lives. A three-part video played throughout the keynote demonstrated how AI will be integrated into various aspects of our lives, from our homes to our cars to our shopping and dining experiences.

For example, your fridge will tell you when you’re running low on milk and then order some on your behalf (taking into consideration whether you like low-fat milk, of course). You’ll get a virtual fitting when you look in the mirror. Your washing machine will know how long to wash your clothes and what settings you like. Self-driving vehicles will figure out the optimum route based on the traffic situation, meaning you can kick back and watch movies or shop using giant gesture-controlled screens all around the vehicle.

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